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ABOUT OUR SERVICE: The information that Fast Information Network accesses is from courthouses and proprietary databases. The databases are not available to the general public. All our information comes from our own sources or sources that charge a fee for obtaining information.
The Fast Information Network Is a Network of Bail Bond Agents and Bounty Hunters Working Together. It is necessary in our industry that we have the best skip tracing techniques available to locate individuals who have jumped bail. Here we share are resources to help offset our cost of maintaining databases and other expenses. When an order is received during business hours 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (US & Canada) 5 Days a week. We guarantee results that same business day. The general public is welcome to order records if there is a legal reason. For example if you have a judgement against an individual you are legally entitled to obtain information to help you collect on the judgement. It will be necessary to give a case number and jurisdiction in most cases
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Retrieving Records for the Public